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Sales & Sales Leader Workshops
Marsh White offers a portfolio of one-day to three-day workshops for the B2B Sales Professional! Each workshop is designed to elevate your sales team's performance to the next level of: executive selling, client loyalty, opportunity management, strategic account planning or creating alignment with client organizations. All of Marsh White’s workshops are designed to help your salespeople gain a sustainable competitive advantage in how they access, influence and are perceived by senior buying executives. And Marsh White’s coaches are all highly experienced sales professionals and sales leaders. 

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SOS™ - Sales Opportunity Snapshot (Interested … Look Inside)

SOS is a one-day workshop designed to accelerate the effective qualification and management of sales opportunities— including profiling the buying influences of relevant executive decision makers. As part of the SOS™ Workshop, participants receive the SOS™ Toolkit software application which reinforces the workshop learning and gives your salespeople an intuitive interface for tracking sales opportunity cycles and progress. 

Click on the SOS Software Toolkit application links below to view screen shots:

SOS Snapshot          SOS Influence Map          SOS Action Planning

SellXL™ - Selling at the Executive Level (Interested … Look Inside)

Backed by eight years of research sponsored by Hewlett Packard, this one-day workshop is designed to accelerate a sales professional's ability to: identify, access and influence C-level buyers. The SellXL workshop includes, as a pre-workshop assignment, a comprehensive case study, tailored to represent your specific selling environment and challenges. 

CCL™- Cultivating Client Loyalty through Executive Selling 
(Interested … Look Inside) 

Cultivating Client Loyalty is a one-day, fast-paced, interactive workshop designed: to enhance the professional salesperson's understanding of the impact of client loyalty and to help craft unique, strategies to create loyalty-based relationships with senior executives in client organizations. 

SAS™ - Strategic Account Snapshot (Interested … Look Inside)

SAS is a one-day workshop that represents the next generation in account planning for enterprise sales organizations. It focuses on helping professional salespeople and account teams develop an Account Plan Snapshot for their strategic accounts. Also included are the SAS™ Resource Guide and Software Tool for managing the strategic account planning process.